Here is a compilation of work that I've done. Most items would be a collaboration with other users or pre-built packages so in the description should detail my work involved.

  • The Ring Prank 2006

    Scare your friends with the video from the movie "The Ring". Friends will go to the link you share and the video will start playing. After the video ends they will receive a call from Samara saying "You will die in 7 days"

  • Evil Operator 11/2007

    Connects two unknowing friends into a phone conversation making them think they called each other. Send the calls and just relax until you receive the call recording.

  • imbNES Covers 10/2002

    imbNES Covers was a site that displays user created CD/Case designs for imbNES an NES emulator for the PlayStation 1. This was my first public site ever!

  • RadioScavenger 03/2012

    Radio Scavenger takes the work out of calling radio stations for shoutouts, song requests or talking to the host. Enter the info below and you should recieve a call, just listen to wait music while we scavenge the radio station for an open phone line.

  • PrankPad 2011

    PrankPad.com is a new generation version of the classic soundboard pranks with the ability to interact and play audio clips directly into the call.

  • PrisonDial 04/2012

    PrisonDial is an interactive prank that replicates a prepaid inmate call from prison. Prank family and friends pretending you got locked up and need help getting bailed out!