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3d printed mounting brackets

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Got some time to play with the 3d printer some more. Its working good for small items so decided to print a few brackets for a hacked up laptop to use as a media player in my kitchen.

The laptop someone gave me like 6 years ago. It had a broken power connector and I got impatient taking it apart and ended up breaking most of the stuff so I had ended up soldering the power supply and then just flipping the LCD and gluing it all together. It works and kind of has a tablet feel haha.

Design was pretty simple in OpenSCAD. I’d post them but seems like a waste since no one would use them.

IMG_0689.JPG IMG_0691.JPG

IMG_0693.JPG IMG_0699.JPG

The setup works pretty good and now I don’t need to keep hooking up a tablet or someones phone for music.

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