Awesome Liquor Bottle Hookahs

Last month I saw a pic of some awesome looking hookahs made out of liquor bottles. Started checking them out and they looked pretty simple to knock out with parts from Home Depot. I actually had a bunch of stuff from left over test parts on the Bar machine so worked out.

Instead of a normal hookah hose, they’re the mini shot version of the bottle with a clear tubing hose covered in velvet.

This is an X-Rated 750ml. At first had a normal hookah hose since was having a hard time finding the mini’s for the mouth piece but finally got it.


Crystal Head 750ml

2012-04-19 11.33.47.jpg

Casadorez 750ml

2012-03-31 15.18.59-1.jpg

Check out my hookah gallery for pics during the making of them. Next I have a big 1.75ml Patron bottle that I’m going to do 2 hoses on. I’ll write up a build post for that one probably this week sometime. Here is the bottle that’s finally empty.

2012-04-19 15.31.09.jpg

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  1. Bibi says:

    I LOVE the Pink Xrated Bottle Hookah. Do you sell them? How much would it cost for me to get one?

  2. stephaniel says:

    Are you selling them ? I really want to buy one!

    • Chris says:

      Sorry, I’m not selling. I just make them for myself. I posted a How-to on my blog if you or someone you know wants to take on the job. Its not too hard.

  3. junior says:

    What’s up first off great hookahs they look amazing ….I also make these custom hookahs and I’m having trouble making the hose with the mini’s and I was wondering if you can give me few pointers on how to make them ???? Appreciate the help if you can reply to my email [email protected]

  4. Sean says:

    What did you use for the sealant around the copper steam and the lid of the bottle? Is it non-toxic and produce fumes that are bad for inhaling?

    • Chris says:

      About the seal, actually the cork for the tops made a perfect seal so I just drilled a hole through there and it works great. The Cazadores and a couple other bottles that I have done do not have a cork top just a normal plastic screw on kind. For those I just did the same thing as far as drilling a hole and that fits well to provide a seal but the whole stem is wiggly and moves alot. I was thinking of maybe cutting some cork to fit under the cap to help stabilize but haven’t tried it yet.

      I think its fairly safe, but I don’t have real facts here please research if your doing this on your own. I know the epoxy I use I had asked the manufacturer about how toxic it is and they said its non-toxic once it completely hardens. Aside from that everything else is food grade and doesn’t become heated to any high temps.

  5. Josh says:

    I’ve been trying to drill my own bottles and have had some success as well as a lot of failures.

    Been trying to use s 3/8 inch bit, and I can drill through, if I’m careful, but when I try to ream the hole out, the sides of the bottle crack sometimes. How do you prevent this?

    • Chris says:

      Are you using a glass bit? Like the diamond tip ones made for glass/tile?

      Remember, always wet drill it and don’t apply too much pressure to make it go faster. Just apply a little pressure.

      I tried a couple different kinds out. The best one seems to be the one that just cuts around the edge and for me left some play inside so I didn’t really need to rim the hole inside that much except to clean up the edges so there not sharp.
      In the pic the one I like is the farthest on the right. The ones that also shave the center take so long to drill. http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r149/lindasewandsew/misc/20090723003.jpg

      • Josh says:

        I bought some glass cutting drill bits that are similar in design to the one you had in that picture, they work fairly well, but I’ll look and see about getting a higher quality piece. Where did you get that bit from, if you don’t mind my asking?

        I think my drill itself might also be a big problem, it’s old as heck, but I’m replacing it soon.

        Thank you for your advice, I’ll let ya know how my next one turns out after I replace that thing.

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