Swapping to pumps

The pressure system just didnt work out. Swapping to pumps. I picked all of them up last month and got them cleaned and ready to start using. I had to swap out the quick connects on one side of the valves so now they are regular barbs. I left the quick connects on the spout side since I like that tubing more. Ill post up pics when Im finished with getting them all hooked up.

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  1. Randall McFarlane says:

    I am really interested in building my own. After seeing the progress you made I really want to build one. Any way you can put a list of all the parts you used in a list? This is really great work.

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks for checking it out.
    I’m actually still not complete with the project so parts list is still changing around actually. Basically its 16 soda pumps and 16 solenoid valves. Match up the tubing for the type of connectors on the valves and then have a computer to control the valves. If you check earlier posts I think I listed out some parts like where I got the valves. When I’m closer to the end I’ll see about listing that stuff out when my version is more finalized.

  3. James says:

    Hey Chris, what was wrong with the pressure system?

    I’ve been thinking about building one for a while, but gave up on the pressure idea because I could find any suitable bottles and caps that didn’t cost a fortune. Gravity fed is obviously no good either as the rate at which liquid despenses will change as the bottle empties! Think I’ve settled on using Optic Pearl measures in my mind now…

    Good work.

    • Chris says:

      My issue with the pressure system was that I couldn’t get a stable universal setup. I could get corks but had to put my own tubes in basically glue it in. After a while the glue would crack and pressure would release. Thats why I ended up going with the soda syrup pump route but I can’t use premix soda’s(2-liters) so I’m actually going to still try and use 3-4 mixers using the pressure method. I’m using premix soda since my first version will be mobile and don’t have a water line and too much space with the soda bags. In a future version, I want a stationary bar with a postmix soda setup which should work well with everything else as is.

      With your Optic Pearl, how were you planning on getting this to pour? I thought those are gravity feed style like a normal pour cap? Since I’m still going to use about 3 pressure bottles for sodas im still looking around for a better method for that.

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