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Radio Pirate is alive!

Finally its here! After a bit of work and testing Radio Pirate is working again.

Radio Pirate is an automatic calling system build with asterisk to automaticly call a radio station. A lot of times the lines are busy or your stuck on ringing for it to just drop out well here is your solution. When you submit the call you will receive a call and you will sit there waiting while we repeatedly try and get you to a live person at the radio station.

Its built to pretty much stay within asterisk and no SQL. It did limit the amount of options and ease of use but was something cool to make like that. Im thinking of releasing all the source code in case it would help anyone with techniques for other projects.


Try it out and let me know how it works! If you want to grab the audio when you successfully connect its located at http://radiopirate.chrismendes.com/audio. Need to sort through to find it, its in NUMBER-UNIXTIMESTAMP.mp3 format.

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