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Board Finally Came In

I finally got my board from pcbuniverse.com. It looks pretty cool. I had most of the components to try and test it out but had to make a run to radioshack since the TIP31 Transistors still havent came in so just bought a couple. Soldered everything in and tested it out and works perfect. Just need to wait for the rest of the parts and I can finish those up.

PCBsTesting PCB


Im not very happy with the corks still. I attempted last month to create some new ones and they are alot better then the rubbercorks with zipties but these still involve dremeling the plastic and using glue to set the tubes in. The glue also breaks apart becuase if you try to pull them out of the bottle it flexes and doesnt hold. Only thing is they are easy to slide right in and can hold the pressure.

New corks

Thinking about just switching over to pumps because finally I found the perfect pumps. All the pumps Ive been finding are to large and just wouldnt work right but found some ones that are used in coffee machines and juice dispensers. Main reason I did the pressure system was to use carbonated liquids but might do a dual system if these work out good. Ordered a couple but still waiting to recieve them in the mail.

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