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Totally fudged up my relay board

This is what I get for using a DPST(Double-pole single-throw) when all I needed was a SPST(Single-pole single-throw) relay. For the bar machine I set up 3 bottles wired up everything to the relay board and arduino with all the power supplies, even had the arduino programmed with a demo for shots and a mixed drinks.

I flip on the 12v power supply and all of the sudden all the valves flip on and start pouring. It took a while but finally realized I screwed up on the PCB design and wired the relay with the pole thats always on!! All the testing and I didnt realize the the clicking from the water valve was a close instead of open since I never hooked up the liquid lines.

Oh well, I need to scratch out the trace and jumper the correct pin from the relay over to the 12v source. Cry

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