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PCB Finally Etched

After getting more supplies I re-tried doing one test board to actually wire up to a solenoid water valve. There was one flaw in the original design. 2 different voltages that go to the board were going to the same ground(the 5v GND). I scratched away the 12v GND trace and just wired the solenoid water valve GND directly to the GND on the 12v power supply.

Everything worked great. It took a while with using a cordless drill free hand so hope to borrow a drill press to complete the others.

I was trying to figure out if I should make 16 little board or try and make 1 main board. Decided going with the 1 board. Still havent really played with DipTrace that much but here is the design with all 16 groups w/ an LED indicator when triggered.

I tried to centralize all connections that I could and that lead to having to jump the 5v GND over a trace and making the GND off the solenoid go directly to the GND on the power supply since it didnt need to be on the board anyways.

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